Thursday, December 16, 2010

Art in the News

ART HW #13.

Thursday 12/16/10.

Dear Art Students:

Please find an interesting article about the Visual Arts in the news on the internet. 
Write a brief summary (one quality paragraph) in your own words. 
After your paragraph, copy and paste a link to the online article.
Then write your first name, last initial, and class period
Post this assignment here on the Art Class Blog
If you are not able to post your assignment here, then simply send the complete assignment to me in an email through NewSchoolNotes.  My email address is:  
Either way is acceptable, however I would prefer that you try to get familar with this type of learning tool: using a blog
Please try to accomplish this assignment by Monday, January 3rd, 2011. 
Then we can use what YOU find is interesting for our "Museum Monday" time in class! :)

I am looking forward to seeing what interesting articles about ART you find and post!!
Ms. Kaplanis
Art Teacher

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What would YOU choose?

What would YOU choose?
If you could choose any elective class you wanted to take at ESMS , what would you choose & why?
(Please list your first & second choices for electives.)

Your elective choices are:
  • ART.
  • BAND.
  • CHOIR.

~Sign your first name, last initial, & class period #. ~Thanks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

101 Reasons Why Art is Essential - (Teacher)

March 2010.

The following is a list of "101 Reasons Why Art is Essential." If you have additional ideas to add to the list, you are welcome to post comments.
Let's see if we can reach 201 reasons! :)

101 Reasons Why Art is Essential:
  1. We paint, we draw, we color.
  2. We use our imaginations.
  3. We explore.
  4. We dream.
  5. We create.
  6. We problem solve.
  7. We do "gallery walks."
  8. We have "Painting Parties."
  9. We feel good & are proud of our work.
  10. We enter art contests & win awards/prizes for creating great artwork.
  11. We are creative.
  12. We are clever.
  13. We are unique & original.
  14. Artwork gets published in the newspaper.
  15. Artwork gets displayed in local coffee shops.
  16. Artwork gets displayed in display cases around school & in the library.
  17. Art relaxes you.
  18. Art lowers blood pressure.
  19. Art is therapeutic.
  20. Art heals.
  21. We have a district-wide Spring Arts Festival.
  22. We have a sidewalk chalk art drawing festival.
  23. We can attend an Edu-Tour arts extravaganza trip.
  24. We have freedom of choice on "Freedom Friday."
  25. We go outside and have class outdoors.
  26. We interact with our peers.
  27. We work together. We work individually.
  28. We innovate.
  29. We engineer.
  30. We build.
  31. We design.
  32. We get messy.
  33. We can be silly & have fun.
  34. We can listen to music.
  35. We recycle materials & make art with it.
  36. We use different supplies / different than other classes.
  37. We use drying boards & drawing racks.
  38. We use clay.
  39. We use glitter.
  40. We use our hands.
  41. We think outside the box.
  42. We use the right side of the brain.
  43. We get encouraged.
  44. We get challenged.
  45. Art incorporates technology.
  46. We use a class blog.
  47. We get to see really cool websites & slideshows of other artists/artwork.
  48. Photos of students & their artwork are put into class slideshows.
  49. Art makes cross-curricular connections.
  50. Art teaches about different cultures & different countries.
  51. Art crosses borders & breaks down barriers.
  52. Art is a universal language that speaks to all.
  53. Art communicates.
  54. Art teaches art history.
  55. Art encourages compassion.
  56. Art helps students to understand others.
  57. Art fosters respect for others.
  58. Art is a vehicle for self-expression.
  59. Art is an anti-drug.
  60. Art is a good, clean fun.
  61. There is no wrong answer.
  62. We make memories.
  63. We grow.
  64. We learn.
  65. We develop.
  66. We mature.
  67. We understand.
  68. We have a sense of belonging.
  69. We can make art anywhere, anytime.
  70. We create portraits, landscapes, & still lives.
  71. We can create art to give as a special, hand-made, one of a kind gift.
  72. Parents love to see their child's artwork.
  73. Grandparent's cherish their grandchild's artwork.
  74. Everyone loves to see children's artwork.
  75. Children can keep their artwork in their portfolios & enjoy looking back on it later in life.
  76. Art can be framed & displayed at home.
  77. Art can be taped to the refrigerator, the door, the window.
  78. Students' artwork is printed on t-shirts.
  79. Art is everywhere.
  80. Art makes the world more beautiful.
  81. Art is aesthetically pleasing.
  82. Art is right, because it isn't "wrong."
  83. Art is a "release" from core academic subjects.
  84. Art is rewarding.
  85. Art is fulfilling.
  86. Art gives a different perspective on life & on our world.
  87. Art creates new awareness.
  88. Art makes people curious.
  89. Art makes people think.
  90. Art makes people wonder.
  91. Art builds knowledge.
  92. Art is an essential part of any society & culture.
  93. Art is how culture's distinguish themselves from one another.
  94. Art museums are the pride of any city.
  95. Art stands the test of time. Art transcends time.
  96. Art makes you happy & feel good.
  97. Art makes you feel accomplished.
  98. Art is an essential part of a child's growth & development.
  99. There is an artist inside everyone of us.
  100. Participation in the arts is equated with higher standardized test scores.
  101. As one student said, "Don't break my heart. Save Art."

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why We Luv Art - (Students)

March 2010.
To My "Little Artists"

Please write your opinions about why you luv art? Why do you think it is important to have art class?
Express your thoughts by writing here in this class blog.

At the end of your post - write your first name, last initial, & class period. (If you do not include your name then your message will be deleted.)

Thank you!
Ms. K.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Critique #3 - Cezanne

Artist: Paul Cezanne.
Title Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier.
Country: France.
Genre: Post-impressionism. 

"Take an active role in a small-group discussion about the artistic value of a specific work of art."
-Visual Arts Standards 4.3

The 4 steps of "Art Criticism" are:
1. Description;
2. Analysis;
3. Interpretation;
4. Judgment.

1. Write your critique of: 
Paul Cezanne's Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier
2. Post your comment with: 
First Name, Last Initial. 
Class Period. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Art Critique #2 - Starry Night.

"Take an active role in a small-group discussion about the artistic value of a specific work of art."
-Visual Arts Standards 4.3

The 4 steps of "Art Criticism" are:
1. Description;
2. Analysis;
3. Interpretation;
4. Judgment.

Write your critique of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.

Post your comment with:
First Name, Last Initial.
Class Period.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Art Critique #1 - Mona Lisa

"Take an active role in a small-group discussion about the artistic value of a specific work of art."
-Visual Arts Standards 4.3
The 4 steps of "Art Criticism" are:
1. Description;
2. Analysis;
3. Interpretation;
4. Judgment.
Blog your critique of Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa."