Thursday, February 19, 2009

Art Critique #2 - Starry Night.

"Take an active role in a small-group discussion about the artistic value of a specific work of art."
-Visual Arts Standards 4.3

The 4 steps of "Art Criticism" are:
1. Description;
2. Analysis;
3. Interpretation;
4. Judgment.

Write your critique of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.

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  1. The large shape on the left side looks like a tall dark scary tower or black fire. It may have some evil or someone evil living inside. The stars are weird and mystical. The houses are common and the one with the pointed roof is a church.
    The painting feels dark and magical. It could be from another world.
    Riley S. (Ms. Kaplanis' nephew) age 9.

  2. I think that the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is pretty cool because stars are big and the big thing.. whatever it is... is pretty cool and weird. Just like Riley said, it looks really evil but Max said it's a tree... I beg to differ... But overall, it's a pretty awesome picture because all the paints literally flow together!! So I would give it a 4/5.
    Nareg T.
    Max W.
    P. 1

  3. the painting starry night has many dark colors in it. this painting is of a town. It looks like you are looking down on the town night. There are mountians and trees. this painting seems to be swaging move moving with the wind. it would have been a very dark painting but the bright yellow stars and moon light it up. he painted the painting in strokes. The light from the moon and the stars look like city light.Over all we think that this painting had lots of hard work put into it and we like it

    Period: 1
    Alison F.
    Annie O.

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  6. In the painting "The Starry Night" it looks like it was painted of a small town because in the city you can't see many stars because of all the lights. It looks like a big black fires that is coming in to destroy the town. There are spirals in the the dark blue sky.

    Ethan D.
    Jackson W.
    Per. 4

  7. This painting is one of my favorite paintings out of all the one's that I have seen in my life. Just looking at it makes me reconize all of those peaceful places I have been to. I like the colors and mixtures that Vincent van Gogh used to make this look so realistic and impress viewers. I really like it. And what I also like is that most of the brushstrokes are visible and that's what makes this artwork special.

    Andrea A.
    Per. 5

  8. We think that this painting was made of a small town or village, and we really like this painting because of the bright stars and swirls in the sky. We think that the black swirls at the side is a fire that is coming to destroy the city or a tower that ia just painted black. This painting is very interesting.
    Daisy L.
    Emily M.
    Period 4

  9. WE REALLY LIKE THIS PIECE OF ARTWORK. the stars are bright and shiny. WE LIKE THE CITY PART TOO OF THIS WORK. we like the colors of the paint. HIS WORK IS VERY UNHAPPY. This painting is very interesting. THERE ARE SPIRALS IN THE DARK BLUE SKY. it might be from another world, universe, planet or timezone.
    JOSH M. And matt j. pEr. 2

  10. The Starry Night is a beautiful scene with golden stars and a dark blue and black night. The town is very colorful and happy looking. The dark sky makes me feel happy and warm inside. The village looks very cheerful. I think the dark spirals in the air represent the wind. The dark strokes looks like it resembles the trunk of a tree that is growing very fast. I think it would be good to be in a museum because it looks magical and beautiful. It shows the night in a different scene that does not show that the night is scary. The painting Starry Night shows how beautiful the night can be. The title, Starry Night acctually resembles the painting because the painting has lots of bright stars. I am so sure that Starry Night could intrance anyone into loving it.
    Allison Maryoung, period 4

  11. dark colors, looks hard to make,there are mountains and trees, it looks magical and beautiful and there are alot of featutures

    katiana L. and sam L.

  12. We think the Starry Night looks really cool. It has a lot of detail. We think the sky can be an eye illusion. It looks like a scary night, like Halloween. We like the colors he uses. It looks peaceful. We like how you can see the brush strokes. It looks like it took a long time to create. We really like the painting a lot.

    Hannah L.
    Natalie G.
    Period 4

  13. Starry Night.
    This is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It describes a village at the base of hills and mountains, under the sky. There is a tree in the foreground (left of painting).It is nighttime. I can see a yellow moon and stars. But I wonder what the yellow movement over the hills represents : clouds coming in ? There is a swirling element in the center of the sky coming from the left of the painting. To me it represents wind. Or is it a flow of stars ? The sky is blue.. That is a little strange because the night sky should be black.
    But I can really see a night with stars. I feel that there was a lot of light in the sky when Van Gogh painted this picture. This painting shows more feelings than precision. It belongs to the Impressionism or post impressionism because it creates impressions in my mind. It is a colorful painting.
    I like this painting. I like blue as a color. It makes me feel happy.
    Gabriel M.
    Period 4.

  14. Starry Night is a painting overlooking a town during the dark evening with twinkling stars in the sky. The houses don't look modern; they look to be from past times. There is much plant life and cliffs surrounding the small town. It seems to be a quiet town with a small population because none of the lights are on and there are only a few homes. The white swirls in the clouds tell us that it is probably a cold and windy night.
    Vincent Van Gogh's painting of Starry Night has only a few bright colors which are yellow, light blue, and light green. The rest of the painting is composed of dark colors. Vincent uses the line, shape, texture, and space. The sky has texture because it looks as if you were to touch the real painting you would be able to feel the swirls. He uses space because the cliff where the painting was painted from and town have a distance. Van Gogh uses shapes of rectangles, squares, and circles. The element line is streaked on the roofs of houses and mountains behind the towns.
    We believe the message the painting Starry Night is trying to spread is that the night is just as beautiful as the day. We think this is the message because when people think of day they think of bright light, roaming people, and chirping of birds. However, when people think of night they think of strange silences, odd occasional howls, and dangerous streets. In this painting Van Gogh proves to show how the evenings are beautiful, peaceful, and blissfully silent.
    Trisha and I find this painting quite valuable because of its message and it is really beautiful. Van Gogh puts thought, feeling, effort, and detail in to each corner of this painting.

    Amita C.
    Trisha M.
    Period 1

  15. Starry night is a picture that overlooks a bright city town. It looks very calm and bright. The painting looks like Van Gogh was trying to paint what he saw. If Kenneth and I were to give this painting a rating out of --/10 we would give it an 8.5/10. We would price it at around $50,000,000- $50,500,000. The painting shows that Van Gogh liked looking at the stars and that is why he painted the picture.
    Vincent Van Gogh looks like he put a lot of texture and space into the picture. It also looks like he mixed colors together to get his background. It also looked like Van Gogh wanted to show the beauty of the of the night sky.This painting sure is one of the world's masterpieces.

  16. I like this painting because it has a lot of different colors and all the brush strokes are all the same. There are light and dark blues, yellow, white, and a little bit of red. There is a long brown bush with little green one next to it also. There are white mountains in the background, and there is a blue hills, and a little city in the bottom of the painting.

  17. This artwork looks like the wind is blowing to the right, and the world beneath it is melting. Mostly dark colors were used. It looks like something dark and sinister is looming upon the town, and the only source of guidance for the people are the bright stars. The black thing to the left is a tower, where all of the darkness has come from.

    Hunter P. & Joy W.
    Per. 5

  18. This painting by Vincent van Gogh is great. I think he got this idea from his dream. It looks like the sky is very windy and very cold. The part that shows that is very windy and very cold is the waves that are shown in the sky. The moon in the sky looks very bright, which makes the stars bright too. The town looks like a very small town with small houses and a church. I can see the church because of the high ceiling post on the top of the building. This is one of my most favorite paintings by one of my most favorite artist.

    David F.
    Period 1

  19. I would imagine the sky will look like this only once, that makes it very rare. The black shape looks like a black fire or a dead tree. The sky looks like it has the sign of yin yang. I feel it is a calm city in the past. The people in town might think this is a pretty sight. You can see the texture in the painting that adds color and lightness.

    Andris F.
    per. 2

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  21. Mario really enjoys taking a gander on this artwork because we revere the cool colors used in the way to make the night sky. Also, he likes the way he didn't fill in the colors 100%, but rather how he added some black color to the city. Well, Ryan thinks it's just "alright". Mario, on the other hand, thinks it looks "thooooooper". Ryan thinks this because it looks so depressing how the colors are portrayed. Mario actually begs to differ, because he likes the atmosphere of the Stary Night, because he thinks that it would be a good night on the town for most people that are looking to have a good time.
    Ryan G.
    Mario C.
    period 5

  22. Nick Meneses
    It is a beautiful combination of colors. The bright lights of the stars in the painting simply light up the sky.

  23. This painting is dark, but descriptive. It is detailed and full of brilliance. There is a night sky over a quiet-looking town. It looks like a night to gaze up at stars and relax. When Van Gogh was painting this, he probably was not in a "party" mood, he was probably very calm and serene. This is his take on a night. He might have been a man who enjoyed quiet, starry nights.
    He had texture in it (the sky), he used many colors, there was space because you could see the difference where the houses were, there were lines in the sky, there were shapes (the moon, stars, and houses), and form (the houses). He used all the elements of art which is good because it displays his talent for art and being able to incorporate all the elements.
    We would both give this painting 10/10 because he uses all the elements, it is a fine piece of artwork, and it makes you think about our nights and make you wish that you could see a night as beautiful as that. It makes you wonder, imagine, and think beyond what you could have before.

    Gabrielle C.
    Anne M.
    Period 2 Art students.

  24. this is a divine piece of artwork it has all the elements. Shape(the moon and the stars), Line(the tree, houses, and sky), Color(the whole picture is made out of different colors), space(the houses are further away than the tree.


  25. I think this artwork by Vincent Van Gogh is really awesome. I like this painting because it looks a little abstract. There is a dark tower or mountain in the town. It looks quite and peaceful. It looks like he just mixed blue and white and colored the sky and drew yellow circles in some places. Then he drew a bigger circle and drew a moon in it.
    Lisa C.
    Period 2

  26. This painting is very beautiful. "The Starry Night" shows the light of the stars shining over the small town. The wind is blowing and there are mountains covering the city. It is peaceful and quiet. This painting by Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorites.

    Sarina M.
    Period 2

  27. Starry Night is a very beautiful painting. It is full of texture and many different colors that compliment each other. I think this painting was made to show the natural beauty of the night sky. This painting is very realistic. Starry Night shows a peaceful sleepy town with winds blowing through it. Starry Night is one of my favorites.

    Amanda L.
    period 5

  28. Starry Night is a painting that depicts a calm, serene night that seems to move with the sky in a classic gesture of suggested motion. The painting combines the masterful use of brushstrokes and colors in one direction to make the sky seem to billow and swirl. This technique is used to unify the artwork by giving it a common theme. The cool colors of the sky contrast dramatically with the stars, drawing the eye to them. Overall, I think that this is a very successful painting that confers a sense of being in the painting to the beholder.
    Brian L. and D'Marco W.
    Period 1

  29. this picture is really good. It has good texture. It has really cool swirls and lines. There is a tree like thing that i do not know what it is. The buildings show good rhythm. It has the same blue look to it. This is one of our favorite paintings.

    Anders F. Ryan P.

  30. This painting is dark and scary.It also looks kind of quiet. There is a small town with a big church and a huge tree. The picture is like swirly and the moon is bright. There are many different colors and many different brush strokes to it. The big tree has a lot of different shapes. I think that is cool. The main focus point is the stars.

    Matthew R.
    Levi H.
    Per. 1

  31. This pitcture of the starry night is a very interesting and different styled painting. The picture of the starry night looks spooky and mnysterical. It looks looks like the artist is trying to send a message through his painting. There is a big brown bush that looks like a mountain but it cant be because there are swirls in it.
    The moon it the uper right hand corner looks more like the sun than the moon. There is a mormon charpel in the middle of the painting.
    By the way the paiting it painted, it looks like there is/was a bad storm.
    It looks like it is a really cold night because there is wind and dark colors to show thatit was a cold night.
    The artist used various colors in the sky to create a balanced piainting.
    The stars in the sky dont look like they are actually shinning, they just look like they are hiding behind the wind.
    The color of the stars are off and random.
    The artist must have been in a sad and depressing mood.
    In this painting vincent used space, texture, color, line, form, and shape to make this picture look realistic.
    It looks like a small town/city because there are very few houses in this painting.
    Going left to right the mountains progress in height.
    He used some of the same colors he used in the sky that he used in the plants and the mountains but different stayles he used his brush to seprate the 3 so you can tell them apart.
    It looks like a speical day because it looks like mignight to us but some of the lights in the houses are on.
    It looks like dictatorship because of all the trees and fencs and mountains surounding the houses/small town.
    It doesnt looks like a very rich town because the houses look small and very little effort was put into making them.
    It looks like he brought out all his anger on the paiting trying to communicate how he feels deep down inside.
    It looks like he put a big dark bush right in the front of the paiting like he wants you to know that he is hidding something.
    It loks like vincent was sitting somewhere up high and he was looking down or over a town drawing this picture.
    The bright moon reflects the colors that he used for the town.
    In this picture, the painting looks calm and peaceful and very little noise.
    It looks as if he painted a dream that he had and remembered everything that happened and every little detail.
    It seems like when he started painting he felt better becuase that is what he loves to do and that is why he made the stars more shiny than he would have made them.
    It loks as if you could jump right into the picture.
    It also looks like you can put your hand into the picture and grab the sky.
    The wind in the sky looks like he was trying to put waves in the ocean some how in a hiddin way.
    It looks like the top half of the picture looks like the ocean but we are not sure if he was trying to hide it or show it in a hddin and secrative way.

    Tony C. & Amanda S.
    period 2.

  32. We think that The Starry Night looks cold because the wind and looks like a sketchy design. We are also seeing a town and a big, dark, tower thing with a little village behind it. The dark tower is wavy and looks like sewed. Overall we like this painting.

    Shannon B. and Lindsay B.
    Per. 4

  33. I think that this piece of art work is very beautiful. It looks like a starry night and also how the town under in covered by an eldless anout of amzing dark sky above them. As if nothing else matters but that moment and how the sky in shielding and protecting them from everthing else. The sky looks as if the it is twinkling endlessly over the whole world. In the artwork it has a big black thing torwards the left. It looks dark, a little bit scary and like the tower in lord of the rings. As all of the people and creatures can not escape the big tower but is also currently protected by the night sky.

    Janna L.

  34. This picture looks very dark but elegant. I think it looks busy but in a different kind of way, i like it because it is very simple and nice and relaxing. It feels breezy and dark, its dark in its own way like dark but not dark. Its my favorite painting that Van Gogh did, I love looking at the picture it makes me feel dark and calm. It has some colors but not a lot. I like how its dark and has some light in it and colors.
    Lauren G.
    Period 6

  35. i think that the painting is really good. in think the painting talks about the quiet night time and shows the shinning moon and stars.

    the starry night is a very unique piece of art because there are many colors in the picture and there are lots of shapes in it to. i like the starry night because it looks very peaceful and quite.

    Jason j
    Jake L.

  36. I really like the look of this painting because it looks as if the stars are actually shining. It gives the painting a 3 dimensional looking effect.
    Another thing I enjoy about this painting is how Vincent showed occlusion by putting the dark shape in the front, blocking a little bit of the mountains behind it.
    The last thing I like about the painting is that it's made up of small lines that help give the 3 dimensional effect too.

    Paul G.
    Period 4

  37. The tree looks like it is burned in flames but not engulfed. we think that this picture tells a story of someone or something that was on a hill and saw this view over looking the town. we think that this picture is a great piece of art to the world.

    Tyler Sm.
    Tyler St.
    Per. 4

  38. This painting is a very delicate because he used a lot of paint on his most famous painting. At the time he painted this painting no one recognized his talent in the art world. When he died they recognized his talent. We like how the stars are emphasized in the painting. We also like how he puts so much detail in this one painting. Our last opinion is we like how he uses lights and darks.

    Grant N.
    William B.
    Period 6

  39. This piece of artwork is beautiful. It also looks like it is very dark and boring and maybe even evil. I also like it because the lights in the sky look like the northern lights, But it also dosent have a lot of colors. This piece of artwork looks very magical. It also looks very peaceful. It also looks very dark, plus it has tons of lines. Lastly, I like it because it is very bright in the sky from all of the stars.
    Erin L.
    Sara C.

  40. I think that the starry night looks like a giant explosion of a magicians box of magic just spreading everywhere as if its been in there for years and like its just rejoicing from years of waiting its really a awesome piece o artwork its a beautiful masterpiece that I hope stays with human kind for years to come i really enjoy this piece it is one of the most amazing thing I have seen in my 11 years of life its radical I would pay millions maybe billions maybe trillions to have this most classy piece in my living room it is as if there is a thousand gods and suns looking over it its a piece a shall not ever forget.
    Joey A.
    per 6

  41. There is a combination of colors that
    mix thoroughly and very well together. The whole painting is great and it is very unique.
    Ethan S.
    Per. 4

    The Starry Night is a beautiful painting that consists of many colors. If you look closely you can see the different paintbrush marks on it. I'm not exactly sure what the tall dark object is in the front, but all in all it is a very great painting.
    Tyler R.
    Per. 4

  42. Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is a very famous painting. It is very mysterious. It looks cold, probably because of the different shades of blue in the painting. The big black part of the painting looks like a tall spirally kind of bush, that is at the top of a hill. There is a town with a cathedral in it. The clouds look like they are going in spiral shapes. The stars look very big and very bright and do not look like stars really, they look more like a small suns. There is a cresent moon that is very bright yellow. And there are many hills around the town.
    Natalie D.

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  44. This picture is important because it's one of Vincent van Gogh's most famous pieces of art. It is a very dark picture with a big focal point being the bright moon. It is also very dark and mysterious and makes you wonder.
    Jaden A.
    Michael C.

  45. I think that this art work is beautiful. This art piece tells a story and is very expensive. I likke the dark colors and the stars. My favorite part of this art piece is the sky and how the moon and stars are in it. I also like the way the sky looks.
    I like the way it looks because it looks like the black wavey thing is closer to you and the rest of the painting is father away. It is very creative. The reason why I said "the wavey thing" is because I really don't know what it is. I think he meant to do that to give it a little mystery. I like the sky because it is very dark but bright at the same time. This masterpiece is my favorite of Van Gogh's masterpieces.
    Alaia P.
    Cameron R.

  46. we think starry night looks very dark outside. The stars are the only thing that keeps it light out. But we still like the picture.

    Isaac L.
    Kevin A.

  47. The picture of the Starry Night is beautiful. It reminds me of a small town in Italy. It looks as if there is a church in the background too. I love this picture!!

    AAliyah W.
    Period: 6

  48. By: Jerrica M.
    period 1.

    Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is a pretty amazing painting. I love the variety of dark and bright colors in the night sky. The picture looks like its of a little city, and the pointy building is probably a church. Pretty much this is a beautiful work of art(:

  49. Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is a mystical and peaceful painting. He uses the colors blue, orange, yellow, green and black to create this painting. This painting looks wobbly like when you first look at your reflection in a pond. I love this painting a lot.
    Meghan F.
    Per. 4

  50. Supppp
    starry night is just very starry and i love it so much. its soooo coool. the swirlw clouds make me feel like im at home laying down on my bed and looking up at my bucky lasek poster and in n out sticker. The moon is soooo cool i love it it has sooooo much light and i love the shape of the moon, its just toooo coool. The big mountain is very big and pointy. it makes me feel so warm and cozy like i just took a 10 minute steamy shower or i just had a glass of milk. i like how theres a little town at the bottom and alll the people there a probably very nice. it looks like theres trees that have monkeys and pandas crawling up and down the beautiful trees. it has some grassy plains that just mindle with the starrs as if its in mars. starry night has the whole world at its feet , and it can never miss a beat. the swirly swirls are very swirly like the swirl master, it kinda looks like a toilet after u flush it, because it swirls. the sky is very neat with the mixture of blue and yellow from the star's light. Van gogh gave this painting plenty of style with ease, in other words STEEEZ.I LOVE THIS PAINTING ITSSS COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sergio Gutierrez and Baily Martes
    Period 1

  51. P.S.
    IT IS


  52. in Starry Night, the bright moon and stars appear to stand out with their vibrant laker gold. the detail in the town is very descriptive with the fond dark colors of the town. we did not like the wind in the background because it appears to a twisted tornado. the so called mountain in this picture, is very detailed with the dark brown and black. the Starry Night was an over all well done masterpiece.
    -Jacob S. Jackson D.

  53. I think the artwork starry night is showing how depressed the artist is. The artwork has dark colors and does not seem to happy. It seems to me that it does not have detail, but it shows that the artist put effort into it.

    Paz T.
    Period 4

  54. Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh looks like a very depressed scene. It shows a small town that looks kind of animated. The artist uses very dark colors but paints very lightly, so bassically they are kind of light. The light colors he uses are green, blue and yellow. Has a detailed back round and looks 3D like you can put your hand in it and feel the swirls.
    Amrith K. and Cody Mc.
    Period 4

  55. I think this picture is something that might have come to him at the last second. I think he was painting the town when he saw this wierd shape rock next to the town, and got inspired by it and made the painting more fun to look at than just the town being in the picture.

    Cierra L.

  56. this is an AMAZING artwork.
    we both love it<33
    like the choices of colors.
    && the abstract

    Jasmine M. && Paola S.
    period: five (:

  57. We think that the Starry Night is interesting and fun to look at. It has alot of different colors that are all blended together. We think that if you look at the sky it looks like you are in space. The moon kind-of looks like the sun. We think that the big dark thing in the front looks like a catle with the lights out. This partcular painting is very unusal and deppressing with all of the dark colors that are mixed with light colors. It's almost like the little town isn't or couldn't be there. It looks like there is a field in the backround.
    Sydney W. & Erin C.
    period 6

  58. This artwork is dark but mysterious. We like it and it looks peaceful. It is weird that the moon is yellow. We like the texture used for the sky. It looks like actual wind is going to blow us away!!!

    Theo M. & Tamiko S.
    Per. 5

  59. The painting Starry Night is very beautiful. I love how the starts in the sky settle on the city below. The city looks peaceful the way in sits under the sky. The moon also looks very pretty, but it kind of looks like the arist was dealing with a bit of confusion when he/she created the artwork. Most of the confusion looks as if it was shown in the sky. The way there are swirls and scattered aprts in the sky. I think if it wasnt confusion that was in the sky, it was probally the wind blowing the clouds or showing an illusion of the sky being blown by the wind.

    Ananza H.


  60. i think starry night is a very good painting. it seems like sort of a dark painting and the big black figure on the left looks like a big black fire. the starts kind of look like they are exploding and one of them looks like a sun.
    Jessica B.

  61. i think this picture looks like a starry night but is all swirled up. i like it because it looks fake but has things that make it realistic. i think the person who painted this liked starry nights. i like the darkness of it and the small town below it.
    Michael D.
    per. 6

  62. stary night looks very mysterious. the sky is very peacefull. the town it over looks is very lonely. it seems to be 12 at night

    conor f.
    per. 5

  63. I think the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh used a lot of night colors. Starry Night seems like he made the night like he imagined it or like he was watching it from his window. I think Starry Night communicates what the Night looks like and how it looks with all the villages around. It think that this painting has space in the back. This is my favorite painting from Vincent Van Gogh

    Keren L.
    Per. 6

  64. I think Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh pocesses a lot of vivide colors blended with. I also think that this painting was made while looking at a small town or village, and I really like this painting because of the bright stars and swirls in the sky. I think that the black swirls at the side is a shoteing star that is coming to close to the city or tower that was just painted black to make it mischif. This painting is very interesting and inspiering to me. in my oppinion it's the best painting he has made. This is a divine piece of artwork it has all the elements. Shape(the moon and the stars), Line(the tree, houses, and sky), Color(the whole picture is made out of different colors), space(the houses are further away than the tree.It looksvery mysterious. The sky is very peacefull. the town it over looks is very lonely.

  65. This is a very dark looking picture and it is painted by vincent van Gogh. It has very many bold and dark colors which make the painting look very mysterious. I like the town that lies below the sky. The town looks as if it is lying alone in the dark night sky. I really like the brightly colored swirls in the sky. It makes the painting look very peaceful.It looks as if they are comming and blowing over the city. The texture in the sky is also very mysterious and ties the whole painting together!

    Mari G.

  66. We think that the Starry Night picture is very dark. In some places , like the moon, it is very light. it looks like all kinds of blues have been used to make this art work. if i had the money, we would buy this artwork amd frame it in my room!

    Agathe M.
    Cassie M.
    Period 4

  67. Meghan J.
    Per. 1
    This picture is a dark pallet of nightly gloomy colors with just the right proportion of glow and moonlight. The night looks like just another beautiful night in a peaceful town. The village beneath the sky is painted carefully with strokes of different nightly colors. The sky is covered in swirls of different shades of a dark and light navy blue.

    Emilie H.S.
    Per. 1
    This painting shows a town at night that has a colorful night sky. The town shows great detail because it shows the different forms of the houses and buildings. The sky shows many stars or bright yellow lights. I think that the swirls may represent the wind going through the town. I think that the reason this painting is so famous is because it makes you wonder about the great detail in the picture. i like this painting because of the colors that were used and in the way hey were used i think is nice.

  68. the stars remiind me of camping it makes me feel peacful this painting is truly amazing i like how thw sky is dark but not to dark not dark enough to be scary but dark enough to feel happy it reminds me of camping with my dad and looking at the stars.

    Kimberly B.
    Per. 2

  69. I think this piture is very enteresting because it is dark and creepy. One of the buildings in this picture looks like a castle in a fairy tale. The artist added movement to the picture and made it look windy. This picture has a mysterious tone to it. There are many bright stars. This is one of our favorite painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

    Andrew R.
    Nathan R.